Wedding Etiquette

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March 13, 2013 by hermosainn

With social media, every aspect of our lives is there for family and friends to browse through. If you are engaged, it will certainly be front and center on a lot of friends radars in the months leading up to your big day. Below are a few things for brides, grooms and guests to think about as wedding days approach.

Outdoor Fall Wedding at The Hermosa InnInvited? Not Invited? is approaching a tough topic, how do you tell someone they aren’t invited to your wedding? The polite thing is to not discuss your wedding in front of uninvited family or friends. If a friend is getting married, do not assume you are invited. Weddings are costly and each additional person can add up quickly. Also, each person has a different vision for their wedding, and some do not want a big event.

If your friend should ask you point blank about being invited, be polite and kindly say you cannot invite everyone due to space restraint, cost limitations or other reasons. Keep it short and simple.

Orr Wedding at Hermosa InnWearing White
As mentioned by, “white is no longer just for virginal, first-time brides, nor do brides have to wear it at all.” The tradition was actually started by Queen Victoria and prior to that brides would simply wear their best dress.

As for guests wearing white, while in some cases it is still frowned upon, views are changing to allow guests to wear white (or some form that color) as long as it does not upstage the bride. However, if you’re a guest and are unsure of the bride’s preferences, do her a favor and don’t wear white.

Cash Cow
In America, unlike many other countries, it used to be seen as rude to ask for cash as a wedding gift. However, now that many couples are getting creative with their registries and many are getting married later in life (when they already have their linens, china and bedding), seeing cash on a registry – be it to be put toward date-nights, a house down-payment or a honeymoon – has become commonplace.

Even so, couples should still have a traditional registry for guests who are old-fashioned and prefer to give a gift that the happy couple can remember them by.

Library at Hermosa InnRehearsal Dinner Attendees
This tradition began as a pre-wedding dinner solely for the wedding party; however it has now evolved to include out-of-town guests attending the wedding. While it’s a very hospitable thing to do, it can be a very costly one. The Huffington Post suggests to avoid any issues here that the bride and groom should suggest places to dine for out-of-towners or make the rehearsal dinner more of a cocktail hour so that more people can attend.

For more questions answered on wedding etiquette, see what the Queen of Etiquette Emily Post has to say.

To plan your dream wedding, rehearsal dinner or honeymoon at the Hermosa Inn, contact Ashley Noble at 602.955.8614 or visit us at

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